Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lately, the boys have been learning all kinds of new skills. Kayaking, biking, and horseback riding) The kayaking hasn't progressed beyond sitting in their uncle's boats on the grass, but there is high hope that one day they'll be able to hold the paddle.

We saw some awesome bikes during our 4th of july parade. They're actually called prebikes. They're awesome! They help kids learn to ride bikes without the training wheels. They don't have any pedals, but they learn balance and such. Here is David 'fixing' his bike. Aaron says that they've spent too much time at the Marshall Ranch. They ride for a few minutes, then they spend the next half hour 'fixing' things.

Don especially loved that his bike was orange. He has just finished fixing his bike and is waiting for his brother to be done too.

Here they are riding their bikes.

All that hard work deserves a break. Dave and don here are just enjoying the lazy days of summer.

And for their final skill, it is horseback riding. David is wearing his full "cowboy small" personna outfit. Crazy thing, these chaps look like capris on them now, when at halloween they were too big. Oh how kids will grow.

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Amanda and Peter said...

we missed you at church today! I hope you are doing well in BP!
Love you all =)